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LOVE: Does it really exist? October 29, 2010

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LOVE: Does it really exist?


We, human beings, are the most perplexing and complicated species God had ever created. We are also the most intelligent and emotional creation of God. Emotional in way that, we are often bombarded by different emotions that make us laugh and even cry at the same time. Intelligent in the sense that we always seek for answers to every question our minds had come up with. In fact, we are materialistic beings. We always look for ways to improve our way of life so that we could live a life full of wealth and luxury. We always seek for something and most of the time, we get what we wanted. But the one thing that for hundreds of years human beings had searched for but still the most elusive and hardest to find, the thing we called LOVE.

“He loves me, he loves me not” and “I love you” are the words that we often heard from our family, friends, classmates and other people around us. But the questions are, “What is Love?” “Is it something that one can touch, can feel or can taste?” “What does love really mean?” “Does it really exist?”

Love has different meanings to different people. Some say that LOVE is a basic emotion that we feel from the very moment we open our eyes to see the person we owe our lives to, our parents, until the moment we take our very last breath. And others say that, LOVE is only for fools who believe in fairytales and happy endings and it is nothing but an elusive dream. But for me, LOVE is the biggest and most powerful emotion that people feel when they look at their beloved or when a cynical guy rejects a girl but realizes that he could not let the girl go because he loves her and could not live without her and then asks for her forgiveness. The four-letter word happens when one sacrifices everything he possesses, leaves behind his past life, and commits himself to a relationship so that he could be with the person he loves. And when there is love, there’s always sharing and forgiveness between the people involve. No matter how many times a person commits a mistake; the person who truly loves him will accept him back and forgive him. LOVE knows no boundaries, meaning, it cannot neither be ensconced nor be ignored. LOVE always finds a way to get free from the constricting cages of our hearts.

Love is depicted in many ways. We see love when we look at a mother carrying her baby in her arms and cradling it with great devotion and we experienced LOVE when we were in the arms of our beloved. But with Love comes negative emotions that we never thought we possessed such as anger, hate, jealousy, etc. We might say that true love is what we feel from our families, friends, classmates, girlfriends or boyfriends and other people around us. But the truth is, the greatest and the truest love ever shown, is manifested in God’s Love for mankind. For God so love the world that he gave us his only son so that he could save us from our sins. God proved his love to us through time. From the time that he breathed life to our lifeless body in our mother’s womb and on times that we feel alone, he was there, letting us feel his eternal love for us. No matter how many times we hurt him by committing sins, he would always find it in his heart to forgive us. For me, he is the real and best paradigm of a person in love. His love can never be surpassed by anything or by anyone and most of all nobody can ever take and replace his spot in our lives for he is the greatest lover of all. All in all, we can totally say, that real LOVE really exist and we must treasure this love forever for LOVE is as precious as gems.

Sarah A.W. Tabada


Greetings to everybody August 27, 2009

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Hello!!! Kamusta na po kayo? May bago na po ba kayong updates?


My blog outline May 25, 2009

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Technological Pollutants”

  1. Definition of Technological Pollutants and its examples

    Definition of pollutants

    A. Batteries

    1. Everyready

    2. Motolite

    B. Chlorofluorocarbon

    1. Refrigerator

    2. Airconditioner

    3. Aerosol

C. Carbon Monoxide

1. Smoke Belching Vehicles

2. Factories

D.    Non-degradables

1. Plastics

2. Damaged Gadgets

II.    Modern ways of disposing these Pollutants

1.   Use of the 3rs in disposing technological gadgets.

2.   Giving back the cellphones to their companies for disposal

3.   Use of the anti-pollutant instruments.

4.   Following regulations and orders implemented by the government.

5.   Avoiding the use of motors using Diesel.

6.   Buying refrigerator that don’t produce CFC.

7.   Using Biofuel in fueling vehicles.

III.   Companies and organizations involve in following these modern ways

1.   Blackberry

2.   SM Malls

3.   Sony Ericson

4.   Samsung

5.   Sharp

6.   LG


Sharing in Blogging… May 21, 2009

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The first thing i learned about blogs was that it came from the word “Web Log”. I also learned that blog is a type of website that shows commentaries and opinions of an individual or a group. When we were taught how to make a blog,  how to customize and how to post ideas, videos images and more  I was really excited and happy because i now have the privilege to share my own ideas, thoughts, opinions and feelings on a subject. I can also connect with my friends and comment on their blog. I expect to learn more about blogs and how to use it. Through my  blog I can show what i thought about a particular object, advertise our university and to give advices to my fellow bloggers. I hope that  after learning all the things that i need to know about the blog i will be able to share with others the great experience i had during the Camp Blog training workshop.


Visayas state university

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My Guardian Angel!

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My time in Mimosa.

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My time in MImosa specifically in Montevista villas was really incredible and happy. I went there on May 17,  Sunday after arriving in the NAIA airport and waiting for 4 hours for the other participants. when i arrived in Mimosa i was really awed by the beauty and freshness of the air.It was like home where you can do whatever you like.